Bespoke Websites and Marketing for Therapists and Coaches
Our  Website and Marketing services are just what you need to make your professional dreams come true!

Designed for You

Specifically targeted for counsellors, psychotherapists, coaches, and other professionals who want to create or develop a private practice.


Outstanding Support

Delivered by experienced professionals, who understand your professional environment, listen to your needs and know how to guide you towards professional success.

Be Compelling

Based on current trends, created to boost your credibility and popularity among your customers.

The Key to Your Success

Designed to meet your needs quickly and effectively!

Custom Websites

CBT Expertise provides a website designing service specifically targeted for counsellors, psychotherapist, coaches and other professionals. You will benefit from a professionally designed website that will work as a sounding board for your online presence and communicate credibility and reliability. What makes CBT Expertise stand out in this field is simple: we combine website designing with effective marketing. Web designers can be wonderfully creative professionals and build beautiful website, but a website’s appearance is not enough to allow a business to sell. For this reason, CBT Expertise makes sure that websites are designed in accordance to marketing principles and rules. You will benefit from a website that grabs attention due to its professional and convincing appearanceCBT Expertise also prioritises functionality: we want you to have a website that is easy to use and update. You will receive clear instructions on how to quickly update its content. Your users will find your website intuitive, agile to surf and effortless to share.

Our Website Designing service includes:

  • Full design of an effective and eye-catching website.
  • Content Management System, that allows you to simply and quickly edit your website.
  • Basic SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), to allow your website to rank on Google.
  • Contact Form, to allow your visitor to contact you simply and rapidly.
  • Social Media Links and Sharing Buttons, to grow your online presence.
  • Blog, to easily upgrade your website and boost your Google rank.
  • Video embedding, to make your website even more eye-catching and vibrant.
  • Paypal or other safe services, to take payments online from your website.
  • Landing Pages, to implement a powerful marketing strategy.
  • Privacy Policy page, to communicate transparency to your visitors and boost your credibility on Google.
  • Further HTML coding, to take care of all the technicalities.
  • Other features to be agreed: if you have any other specific requests, we are happy to discuss those with you. We will do our best to meet your needs and leave you happy with your new marketing tool.

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Eye-catching websites and well designed marketing materials do not have any power to attract customers without effective copywriting. This can be hard to swallow, but true nonetheless.

Copywriting is a fancy word to refer to the text that appears on your website or marketing material. It is a crucial part of your capacity to attract possible buyers and sell to them.

Any efficient marketing is always based on compelling copywriting. If you think about any successful brands – such as Apple, Nike or Ikea – they don’t just advertise a description of their products and wait for customers to buy. They know that it wouldn’t work. In fact, every potential buyer needs to be captivated, intrigued, feel a desire and invited to act. This is what successful brands do to build their fortune. Obviously, they aresupported by marketing specialists and professional copywriters.

If you want to build your business success, you can benefit from marketing support and copywriting at CBT Expertise. Our Copywriting service allows you to find the perfect text for your website and marketing material to attract customers, achieve business satisfaction and personal reward. If you want to make sure that your copy is effective, powerful and coherent with your marketing strategies, this service is for you!

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Videos & Animations

Videos are an essential element of today’s marketing and online communication. An effectively scripted, professionally realised and well edited video will significantly boost your capacity to attract new customers.

CBT Expertise provides a Video Shooting and Editing service specifically targeted for counsellors, psychotherapists, coaches and other professionals. You will benefit from a professionally realised and effective video that can increase your marketing power!

You will be able to communicate a compelling message to your potential clients, speaking directly to them, or – as an alternative – through a convincing interview process. A video will allow you to overcome the impersonality of the internet and appear as a real, trustworthy individual. You could set up your video to autoplay on the opening page of your website: possible buyers will readily be in direct contact with you and will be more inclined to buy from you.

Our Video Shooting and Editing service includes:

  • An effective script based on your notes and ideas, written in accordance to key marketing principle and tools.
  • Shooting with professional equipment, on eye-catching and elegant white background.
  • If you don’t want to appear on your video, we can realise your video with a voiceover and a cool whiteboard animation.
  • Professional editing, including synchronised text and music.
  • Upload on youtube, including a ready to paste code to embed it on your website.
  • Other features to be agreed: if you have any other specific requests, we are happy to discuss those with you. We will do our best to meet your needs and leave you happy with your new marketing tool.

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